History of the Großdobritz shooting range until 1990

In 1960, hunters from the Niederau region came up with the idea of building a shooting range for hunting purposes to improve shooting performance, especially on moving targets.
In the same year the VEB Kabelwerk Meißen started producing throwing discs (formerly also called clay or throwing pigeons) for the needs in the GDR.
A shooting range was required for production testing purposes.

So in 1961, in the mutual interest, under the leadership of VEB Kabelwerk Meißen, the planning of the target shooting range began. A suitable place was found on a piece of land in the Großdobritz district. After the approval of the municipal administration and the building permit granted by the Meissen district council, the hunters began building a 6-throwing machine stand (Trap) in 1961.

After the Skeet throwing disc discipline became Olympic, construction of the first Skeet stand began in 1966.
The houses to house the throwing machines were initially made of wood and later massively rebuilt. The plant was completed in 1968. This marked the beginning of the "Skeet Meißen Training Center"
By 1976 a second skeet stand, a 50m ball stand and a 50m stand for "running goals" (boar / rabbit) were completed.
In 1977 the club house was built from bungalow parts and in 1984/85 it was massively rebuilt and expanded. In 1980 the building was built for the organization office.
Up to this point, the entire facility was created through the voluntary work of hunters and marksmen and through financial and material support from the VEB Kabelwerk Meißen and the Society for Sport and Technology.

Outstanding sporting success, from skate shooters, their sporting development
started at TZ Skeet Meißen:

  • GDR master

    • 1968

      • Junior Gold Lehmann, Berndt 86/100

      • Junior M GoldTZ Skeet Meißen 252/300

    • 1972

      • Juniors GoldReschke, Klaus147 / 150

      • Junior M GoldTZ Skeet Meißen 406/450

    • 1973

      • Junior M GoldTZ Skeet Meißen 399/450

    • 1989

      • Juniors Gold Arnold, Thomas 198/200

      • Juniors Gold Grassel, Thomas 97/100

  • EM

    • 1971

      • Juniors GoldReschke, Klaus147 / 150

    • 1983

      • Junior M Gold GDR and others Weigelt, Uwe 293/300

  • World Cup

    • 1971

      • Men silver Reschke, Klaus198 / 200

    • 1975

      • Men-M Gold DDR and others Reschke, Klaus and Klaus, Wolfgang 386/400

  • Olympics

    • 1972

      • Men 6th placeReschke, Klaus193 / 200

    • 1976

      • Men 4th placeReschke, Klaus196 / 200

History of the Großdobritz shooting range from 1990

From 1990 the Treuhand managed the grounds of the Großdobritz shooting range. In May 1990, 34 enthusiastic marksmen and hunters founded the "Saxon Hunting and Rifle Club Meißen / Elbe eV 1990". (SJSV)
The club leased the shooting range from the trust and organized another shooting operation.
In 1995 the shooting range was allocated free of charge as a sports facility to the municipality of Niederau.
The latter concluded a long-term leasehold agreement with the SJSV for the approximately 3.5 hectare site.
From 1990 to 1995, extensive construction measures had to be implemented to meet legal requirements. All the work was done free of charge by the members of the association, in 1995 with the support of ABM staff. SJSV alone bore the financial costs.
In 1999 the SJSV changed the statutes to the name of the association. In this way, the municipality of Niederau and its Großdobritz district should be better represented in sporting activities. The SJSV is now active as the "Saxon Hunting and Shooting Club Großdobritz eV 1990".
From 1998 to 2000, with the help of funds from the hunting tax, a 100m stand with 4 lanes and a 25m stand with 6 lanes were built by the Saxon State Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (SMUL).
In 2004, replacement work was begun at the trap stand and simultaneous conversion to a 15-machine stand, also with SMUL funding from the hunting tax. Since 2008, the sports fans of the Meißner Schützenverein 1460 eV (MSV) have found their new home on the Großdobritz shooting range.
In September 2009 the Großdobritz shooting range was connected to the drinking water supply of the Niederau community. For this purpose, an approximately 900 m long TW line had to be built, the financing was carried out proportionately by the SJSV and MSV.

The following facilities are available to club members, guest shooters and hunters:

  • 1 spreading disc stand skeet

  • 1 Trap throwing disc stand, Olympic

  • 1 disc trap for hunting with a roll hare and looper

  • 6 shooting lanes 25 m with cable system

  • 3 shooting lanes 50 m with cable system

  • 4 shooting lanes 100 m with cable system

  • 1 35/50 m stand folding rabbit / running boar

  • 5 shooting lanes 10 m air rifle in hall

Every year there are internal and open shooting sports competitions. In 2011 the "Elbe Cup" was held for the 33rd time in the throwing disc disciplines.
Hunters from Hegeringen, forest districts and tenant communities train with their hunting weapons in Großdobritz. Around 100 young hunters take part in the shooting test as part of the Saxon Hunter's Test.
The State Hunting Association of Saxony holds its annual state championship in hunting at the Großdobritz shooting range.

The SJSV Großdobritz currently has 270 members and is one of the most successful shooting clubs in Saxony with 58 medals won at the German Championships.
Due to the good training requirements on the Großdobritz shooting range, Axel Wegner, Olympic champion in 1988 in Skeet shooting, became a member of the SJSV. In 2006 he won the Skeet World Cup in Cairo / Egypt, in 2007 the World Cup in Maribor / Slovenia. In 2008 Axel Wegner started at his fifth Olympic Games in Beijing / China. He took 20th place out of 42 starters. In 2011 he took part in the WC in Concepcion, Sydney and Maribor. At the European Championships in Belgrade he set a new world team record with Tino Wenzel and Ralf Buchheim with 368/375 goals. With 145/150 hits he became German Champion in Munich in 2011. After the DM he announced his retirement from the international sports stage and his departure from the German national team. In 2012 Axel Wegner became German champion in the age group with 120/125 hits. The appointment of junior shooters Thomas Heller in 2000/2001, Uwe Trobsch 2003 to 2005, Tina Klos 2006/2007, Patrick Kusatz 2009 and currently Stefanie Zschippang, Felix Raab and Tom Schwuchow to cadre shooters of the German Rifle Association are testimony to the youth work in the SJSV.