Dear marksmen, hunters, sports enthusiasts, friends and skeptics of shooting sports on the website of our club, the Saxon Hunting and Shooting Club Großdobritz 1990 eV

Currently, 306 club members have found a sporting home on the Großdobritz shooting range in the municipality of Niederau, maintain it and thus secure a training and competition operation that represents a wide range of shooting disciplines located in the German Shooting Association. Let us show you on the following pages how our club designs its club life under the motto of the Saxon Shooting Association "Hobby, Customs, Sport", aims for the best in sporting competitions, organizes responsible youth work and brings a demanding hobby closer to those interested in sport.

All these activities and measures of the association are co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget decided by the members of the Saxon State Parliament, as well as with funds from the budget decided by the district of Meißen and the resulting funding.